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Save Lives with a Drug & Alcohol Detox Cure Opportunity!

Finally There IS A Cure For Alcoholism and Drug Addiction!

The Demand

Today it seems everyone is addicted to something. For many, their addiction is literally destroying their lives. Often they and their families would pay anything to cure that addiction. We’ve all heard an addict can’t stop until they truly want to stop, but even then it seems there’s little help. The typical rehab facility costs $10,000-$40,000 per month with a three-month minimum stay and yet only has a 10% success rate.

Imagine the demand if there were a rehab facility that delivered a 90% success rate! And did it in 24 hours at a total cost of less than $10,000. No, don’t imagine it, just read on, because it’s true. We’re here to tell you about this facility and to offer you an ownership share of it as we prepare to bring this treatment to America. Welcome to Ibogaine Partners.

The Ibogaine 24-Hour Miracle Cure For Alcoholism and Drug Addiction

Ibogaine comes from the root of the Iboga plant in Africa, where it has long been used in tribal rituals to cleanse and renew the participant. Extensive scientific research and personal experience show that it is extremely effective at curing addictions for drugs such as - but not limited to - heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine, painkillers, nicotine and alcohol. Our Partner Clinics report a 90% success rate at curing these addictions for a one-time cost of $10,000.

Best of all, there are no NO WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS and NO LINGERING CRAVINGS! These, by the way are the two most powerful hurdles to detox and recovery. Ibogaine actually cures addiction in less than 24 hours. A day or two of rest and recovery is recommended after the cure. No further maintenance drug or Ibogaine is required. Ibogaine is neither addictive nor dangerous.

You Can Profit From The Ibogaine 24-Hour Miracle Cure!

As unfortunate as it is, Ibogaine is not presently legal in the U.S. and we recognize that it opens an incredible window of opportunity for us to profit from the overwhelming demand for a real cure to addiction. Ibogaine provides a cure for alcoholism and drug addiction, far faster and far cheaper than anyone in America could ever imagine possible. All that is required is for us to effectively mass-market this message. People will come flocking for help.

This is not a dream. It’s a reality. Our Partner Clinics are already operating and successful. Our goal is simply to market, expand and build on the success they are already having.

“I went to the clinic in Mexico and took Ibogaine once. 20 years of addiction to opiates, heroin, methadone, you name it, ended. Ibogaine changed everything for me and it continues to work everyday in my life.” - Greg Douglass, Guitarist with - Steve Miller Band and Van Morrison


We accomplish this goal by forming a Partnership to raise funds for a 40 bed clinic and a national marketing campaign to sell the Ibogaine 24-Hour Miracle Cure. We use wide-reaching Direct Response TV and Radio Commercials, Internet SEO and Print Advertising. Responses from our advertising go to a dedicated 20-person sales office for personal telephone follow-up. Our salespeople lead customers to a $10,000 sale, which is an easy process. There is currently a record epidemic demand in the US for addiction treatment…and there’s been no real cure until now.

Contact us to request a free information package and DVD for details about our Ibogaine business as well as the ROI we expect. Don’t miss this opportunity. We plan to move quickly!


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